Calling All Cars – PS3

01 Jun 07

Another PlayStation Network game title that looks like it could be one of the better downloadable games available is ‘Calling All Cars’. 

Calling All Cars is a little like ‘capture the flag’ - except you don’t play with a team and you’re not after a flag. Your main objective in the game is to capture a criminal and eventually ship them off to enjoy the rest of their life behind bars. The problem is everyone wants to bag the criminal which means that once you are in possession of said criminal, suddenly everyone wants a piece of you! It’s a little like suddenly coating your car in honey and everyone else is a bee – you get the picture.

At the beginning of the game you can choose from a myriad of quirky and even fancy looking cars with even funkier names to represent you on the map. As you travel around the map you can pick up various items that will aid you in your pursuit of the criminal, bearing in mind that your opponents can also pick up the same items.

Capturing the criminal is only part of the fun – it’s holding onto him that’s the real challenge. As you capture the criminal and ‘put them away’ you gain points. It sounds a lot easier than it actually is in practice. If you think of ‘capture the flag’ driving bumper cars with magnets and sledgehammers attached to them, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what this game is like. Serious fun!

I highly recommend this game for download via the PlayStation Network.

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