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CALLUM introduces SKYE: A high-performance multi-terrain electric vehicle
Fri, 24th Nov 2023

CALLUM has unveiled SKYE, a high-performance, multi-terrain electric vehicle, engineered from scratch in-house. The automotive creation is crafted for discerning owners wanting to embark upon on-road and extreme off-road experiences, according to the company.

Being the first branded vehicle from CALLUM fully developed in-house marks a significant stepping stone for the firm. The SKYE not only adds a new dimension to CALLUM's portfolio, but also leaves an indelible imprint in the automotive industry. Positioned in the compact multi-terrain vehicle category, the SKYE differentiates itself with a comfortable, refined 2+2 enclosed cabin. According to CALLUM, the vehicle's design language and sculpted form underline robust functionality, elevating its off-roading prowess.

Measuring four metres, the off-roader's exterior is overtly concise yet subtly grand, fulfilling its mandate to function off-road. According to the head of design at CALLUM, Ian Callum, the SKYE has been designed with a clear-cut goal: "minimal mass, maximum capability - exceptionally usable and an absolute joy to drive."

The exterior, punctuated by a dramatic accent loop, full-bodied organic forms, and strong horizontal structure, encapsulates understated elegance. The design does not merely act as a beautiful shell but is an essential component intertwined with its engineering aspect.

The manifest example of this can be seen in the doors' lower section, which successfully integrates glass. These functional design features are set to provide unparalleled visibility under all circumstances and conditions.

The CALLUM SKYE is not just visually stunning but those good looks cloak a rugged technical core. Based on a robust space frame chassis complete with trail-ready suspension, the 4,047mm long and 1,900mm wide SKYE supplies the necessary ground clearance for a host of terrains.

Its 42kWh lithium-ion battery powers a potential range of 170 miles, and an ultra-fast charging battery is on offer for a total recharge in under ten minutes. With a targeted weight of 1,150kg and balanced weight distribution, the vehicle is expected to achieve 0-60mph in less than four seconds.

"We set an uncompromisingly high bar with our functional targets for the CALLUM SKYE," states Adam Donfrancesco, the head of engineering at CALLUM. He adds that the vehicle is designed to seamlessly conquer various off-road terrains while providing a captivating, comfortable driving experience on winding country roads.

The SKYE is designed for adventurists ready to explore varying terrains from meandering roads, grassy fields, fresh gravel trails, to pristine sand or snowy landscapes, with no requirement for special gear.

CALLUM’s mission is to offer the joy and fun of driving, without mess or fuss. Its quiet performance ensures it attracts attention for all the right reasons, setting standards high with its off-road capabilities.

The design and engineering process is underway, with vigorous testing in the UK and Europe. More specific details and tailored on- and off-road variants of the CALLUM SKYE are set to be unveiled in spring 2024.

"CALLUM SKYE addresses a market void, offering discerning owners a bold and beautifully crafted off-road vehicle that promises fun, freedom and escapism," notes David Fairbairn, managing director at CALLUM.