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Can Apple help revive the recording industry?
Mon, 8th Jun 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

As we all know the iPod was a huge catalyst along with Napster when it came to music piracy, which had detrimental effect on the music industry worldwide. A lot of critics may state that these pieces of technology were just a small cogs in the 'big data' effect of the music world, however it is very obvious that they caused the world's acceptance in piracy.

I've spoken to CEOs, people in the industry and even politicians who'll jest around, 'getting' a song, implicit that they shan't be purchasing these tracks.

Now stealing, or 'sharing' as Kim Dotcom and his buddies claim, has hit the industry hard, not as much at the top, but more for those smaller bands and artists who are trying to break through. I mean why pay $20 for a CD when you can download it for free?

Now things have changed; people have for some reason headed back to radio. Not radio as it once was but instead streaming; Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora etc. and today Apple throws its hat into the ring with the launch of its own music streaming service. This isn't the first time Apple has tried; with the failed 2013 Apple radio being swept under the rug, along with the Zune.

To draw in new subscribers, Apple is expected to offer a free trial which would assumedly be for three month's which is more than long enough for people to forget about Spotify and Pandora. Along with that, Apple has the advantage of iTunes, a large customer base, and obviously installing the new steaming service on all iDevices (let's just hope this doesn't end up being a repeat of the ColdPlay incident).

The service is likely to include an option for radio more similar to traditional AM/FM and satellite radio programming. Apple has signed Drake along with Pharrell Williams to be DJs for the service, and many are speculating Taylor Swift and even Lorde will have their own shows too.

So the recording industry is all excited as school girls waiting for One Direction to walk on stage at the release of the service and in a few hours we will all know what Apple will deliver. However this $10.00 streaming service is definitely going to impact and hit Spotify hard, but will it be the saviour of the music world? Guess we will wait and see.