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Can Apple sell 10m iPhones in three weeks?

12 Sep 12

Analysts believe Apple's soon to be released iPhone 5 could shift over 10m copies within the first three weeks of trading, eclipsing previous smartphone records.

Media reports suggest the world's most valuable company will unveil a host of new products on September 12, including the sixth-generation iPhone.

Apple recently increased Wall Street trading after posting invitations for the upcoming San Francisco event as the electronics giant prepares for its 'biggest' second-half product launch in history.

Such activity within the industry has led analysts such as Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, a leading U.S. investment bank and asset management firm, to float the 10m figure in a recent brief to clients.

If Apple were to shift 10m iPhones within three weeks, it would surpass the feat of close rivals Samsung who took roughly 50 days to sell the same amount of Galaxy S III smartphone units.

This time last year Apple sold 4m iPhone 4S products over the first weekend of trading but failed to break the 10m mark for a full quarter.

But FBR Capital Markets analyst Craig Berger told Mashable he fully expects the product to sell 250m units over it's lifetime - amounting to US$144bn in revenues with new customers in the Chinese market expected to boost sales.

Online rumors have speculated the new iPhone will possess a larger screen and thinner body but sources close to Apple remain tight lipped with the announcement due early tomorrow (NZ Time).

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