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Can Xbox One run WinRT apps?

WinRT looks set to run on the next-gen Xbox One, according to online rumours emerging today from Microsoft-news.com.

According to the report the site has seen many rumours in the past that Microsoft will enable WinRT apps to run on Xbox One, the speculation almost confirmed today by the code leak by SuperDaE.

The image above shows the supposedly leaked copy of Homefront 2 for Xbox One source code file list.

As you can see, it has AppxManifest.xml file indicating that it is a WinRT app, while Windows 8 apps in Windows Store has similar file arrangements.

DurangoConfig.xml and DurangoLauncher.exe could also be the files used by Xbox One to launch these kind of new apps.

Microsoft is still maintaining the silence about the details of the 3rd party app/games development in Xbox One.

But they last week confirmed that self-publishing is coming to Xbox One so who knows?