Can you keep a Samsung secret? We can’t

15 Mar 13

With Samsung set to officially reveal the Galaxy S4 in a matter of hours, some expert Techday investigating has helped unravel a few more features before the launch.

Our inability to keep a secret - PR folk be warned - means we are continuing our trend of trying to second-guess every single feature present on the S4 before it's unveiling.

Instead of hanging on a few more hours, where's the fun in that?, we delved deep into the internet underbelly, stumbling across some eager Chinese reporting which claims that SmartPause and Floating Touch will be new features of the smartphone.

You'd think they'd have the decency to just wait wouldn't you?

Anyways, with the clock ticking down on the 12pm NZT announcement, here's the low-down on the latest Samsung spoiler to be circulating the net.

An extension of the face-tracking feature SmartStay, which debuted with the Galaxy S3, SmartPause begins its Galaxy journey with the S4, although it's capability is still unclear.

After registering the trademarks of Eye Scroll and Eye Pause, logic boasts that SmartPause will in some way incorporate eye tracking technology, although nothing has yet confirmed this to be true.

But we love a bet at Techday, so we're staking big cash eye tracking will be a huge feature for the S4, and have we ever got it wrong before? Yes of course, but not this time.

So come on China, keep up the good work hijacking Samsung products - only a few hours to go.

Through a series of videos revealed by SammyHub, the S4 shows the Floating Touch feature, internet browsing, the SmartPause feature and the phone's new lock screen.

Actually invented by Sony, the Floating Touch is pretty much exactly that. Detecting your finger as far as 20mm away, the feature allows users to simply point to the screen instead of touching it.

Great technology it may be, but is it actually useful? Just touch the damn thing.

Given Techday has a front row seat at the launch today, keep checking the site for live updates from Auckland as we continue to uncover details of the most eagerly anticipated smartphone release so far this year.

In the mean time, check out the other two videos below.

Internet Browsing:

Unlock Screen:

What are your Galaxy S4 predictions? Tell us in the comments below

Please note - any predictions made after 12pm will not be taken seriously, Google's a great thing and we know it also.

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