Celebrity FAIL: Alicia, er, Keys, tweets from her…iPhone

13 Feb 13

Hot on the heels of Oprah giving voice to her love of ‘that Surface’ direct from that perhaps lovelier iPad, BlackBerry’s ‘Global Creative Director’ Alicia Keys has launched a faux pas of her own. After avowing that she is 100% exclusively Blackberry, the creative genius behind the new OS and devices tweeted ‘started from the bottom now were here’. Grammatical and spelling issues aren’t the problem; what is, is this bit ‘via Twitter for iPhone’.


The Verge captures the full story, including the ill-advised response from Keys which included rapid deletion of the offending tweet (we wonder if this will come up in her performance review) and a subsequent wild claim of ‘hacking’!!!!!

So now it seems BlackBerry has a Creative Director who favours the iPhone AND tells porky pies, assigning blame to those pesky (yet oh-so-convenient) ‘h@x0r$’.

Not a good look.

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