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Challenger mobile service provider Kogan Mobile launches on Vodafone network

03 Sep 2019

Kogan Mobile entered the New Zealand telco market today as its newest prepay provider, powered by Vodafone.

Kogan Mobile aims to deliver value and choice through an online-only digital service, and is a new and competitive alternative for Kiwi consumers.

The offering brings unlimited standard calls and texts to New Zealand and Australia as standard on all voice plans, generous data inclusions, and annual prepay payment options, at some of the best prices Kiwis have ever seen.

With 30, 90 and 365 day prepay options, New Zealanders can choose a saving to suit their lifestyle and bring their own device and their own number.

Easy setup, no hidden fees, no excess usage charges, tri-fit SIM card, and secure and reliable coverage make Kogan Mobile a great choice for consumers.

Kogan Mobile also offers competitive rates on international calls to 44 destinations, and international roaming to 56 destinations, without any bill surprises or excess usage charges.

As all prepay options include unlimited standard calls and texts to New Zealand and Australia, customers need only to select their desired data inclusion, of 1.5GB, 4GB, 15GB or 32GB worth of data per 30 days.

Prepay plans start with Kogan Mobile’s Small plan offering unlimited standard calls and texts to New Zealand and Australia, with 1.5GB of data for use within New Zealand per 30 days for the equivalent of $13.40 per 30 days when you sign up for a full 365 days.

For those looking for more data, Kogan Mobile’s Extra Large plan offers unlimited standard calls and texts to New Zealand and Australia, with 32GB of data for use within New Zealand for the equivalent of $34.90 per 30 days when you sign up for a full 365 days. CEO Ruslan Kogan says Kogan Mobile sets a benchmark for what a great value mobile deal looks like.

"The launch of Kogan Mobile will advance New Zealand’s telco market and set a new standard for what Kiwis demand from mobile prepay providers.”

“We know that Kiwis are looking for prepay mobile options with unlimited standard calls and texts to New Zealand and Australia, and huge data inclusions, that don’t break the bank or cause bill shock – that’s why we’re launching Kogan Mobile in New Zealand.”

Online self-service to maintain low prices

Kogan Mobile is an online-only service that is able to deliver great prices through digital efficiency.

Customers can control their Kogan Mobile prepay online at the Kogan website, with access to additional add-on offerings including:

  • roaming to 56 destinations from $11.90 for 3 days (choice of 700MB roaming data, OR 500MB roaming data, 100 minutes of calls, and 100 texts),
  • 300 minutes of international calls to 44 destinations for $9.90 for 30 days, and
  • data add-on packs ranging from 300MB ($4.90 for 30 days) to 3GB ($21.90 for 30 days).

SIM cards can be purchased for $2 from, and are delivered in the post. The first SIM cards will be delivered two weeks from now.

Customers can also port their number over but if they don't have an existing number, Kogan mobile numbers will begin with the prefix 028.

Kogan Mobile currently has an iOS app, with an Android app in the works. 

Credibility across the ditch

Kogan Mobile launched on the Vodafone network in Australia in 2015, and has since grown rapidly to hundreds of thousands of active users in under four years.

"We’re thrilled to be working with Vodafone in New Zealand to offer Kiwis a great prepay mobile service at incredibly low prices,” says Kogan.

Vodafone New Zealand CEO Jason Paris says the company is proud to join forces with an iconic Australian challenger brand to help deliver greater choice and value for mobile customers in New Zealand.

“We are proud to be Kogan Mobile’s choice of partner in New Zealand, and to underpin their digital-only offering with Vodafone’s excellent network connectivity both in New Zealand and while roaming internationally,” says Paris.

“Internationally, these sort of network partnerships are common and we’re pleased to help bring the best of the world to New Zealanders with a pure digital, radically simple offering.

Special launch offer

As a special launch offer, Kogan Mobile is offering up its highest inclusion plan for just $4.90 which provides 32GB of data, and unlimited standard calls and texts to New Zealand and Australia, for 30 days until the end of September 2019.

All the Kogan Mobile prepay deals can be accessed from today at the Kogan Mobile website and Kogan Mobile SIM cards can be purchased from for $2.

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