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A chance to win by bringing coding into the classroom

Wed, 26th Apr 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Intimidated by the prospect of bringing code into the classroom? How does the chance to win a share of $10,000 sound?

Cyclone has challenged New Zealand educators with the task of learning Swift, an impressive open coding language used to build Apple apps.

Using the Swift Playgrounds platform, teachers are tasked with coding a project with their students and explaining what they did.

The desired outcome being that teachers will be able to create, learn and share their coding experience with other teachers. This will hopefully build confidence with code in the wider sector as these projects inspire and help other teachers move into the digital realm.

Projects should be made on an Apple Mac or iPad, using Swift Playgrounds or XCode to do the actual coding.

Swift Playgrounds is an exciting new app that makes learning Swift interactive and fun. Students will be engaged by it's gamified teaching process and exciting visuals, meaning it's a great tool to bring into the classroom.

By teaching your students Swift you a giving them the tools they need to move straight into app development for Apple platforms, as well as learning collaboration, design and digital fluency. Hopefully it's a chance for the teacher to learn some exciting new skills too.

The competition is open to all teachers working at New Zealand NZQA approved institutions and there will be two categories: Year 4-8 and Year 9-13.

Teachers can submit their learning in a variety of forms, from videos, journals and blogs to lesson plans or even dramatic interpretation. It can be in any format that shows the learning outcomes with coding at its core.

Entries close August 31 so now's the time to get coding.

Visit the Cyclone page to enter and view the terms and conditions.

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