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Charging stations sped up for electric cars

Electric Vehicle DC rapid charging plug type is about to change.

Charging of electric vehicles in New Zealand is getting faster, with ChargeNet NZ announcing the upcoming upgrade to their DC fast charging network from Type 1 CCS (combined charging system) charging to the faster Type 2 CCS charging plug.

Chargenet NZ and BMW Group New Zealand partnered in 2016 with the goal of creating an electric highway throughout the country. They have overseen the installation of over 100 DC rapid chargers across the length of New Zealand.

The partnership is especially beneficial when considering the European design and manufacturing of electric vehicles is far ahead of the pack. European electric vehicles are leading with both advances made in technology and in availability of vehicles.

Adopting a European standard for the New Zealand charging infrastructure means that the electric vehicle system in New Zealand is more compatible and synchronised with European technological advances in electric vehicles.

“New Zealanders are innovators and move swiftly to keep pace with change so upgrading to the Type 2 CCS plug is a good move” says Steve West, CEO of ChargeNet NZ.

“Our company vision is, and has always been, to encourage the uptake of as many electric vehicles as possible”.

BMW Group New Zealand managing director Florian Renndorfer says the new standard is very welcome.

“The change to Type 2 CCS plugs across the ChargeNow electric highway is a positive step, improving our country’s infrastructure and allowing even faster charging when travelling the length of New Zealand in electric vehicles,” he says.

Modification of the ChargeNet NZ’s charging infrastructure to the new plug standard will begin on a rolling basis. It will start in the South Island in April and will be complete by May 2017.

With the replacement of Type 1 charging stations, New Zealand rapid chargers will now have access to a larger range of electric vehicles that were previously unable to utilise New Zealand’s rapid charging infrastructure.

The plug type change will also future-proof New Zealand new BMW i3 models, offering AC charging up to 11kW. New BMW i3 customers whose vehicles have a Type 1 CCS plug are being contacted directly by BMW as part of a programme aimed at upgrading the vehicles. However, BMW recommends ii3 customers contact their nearest dealer if they have any queries about the incoming change to the charging standard.

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