Charlie Bit My Finger video…

20 Dec 12

Charlie Bit My Finger or Charlie Bit Me is the 2007 Internet viral video famous for formerly being the most viewed YouTube video of all time.

Reaching 400 million views this time last year, it remains the most viewed YouTube video that is not a professional music video.

Fast forward to today and it has more than half a billion views, with web experts believing the uploaders, the Davies-Carr family, could earn up to £100,000 from advertising as a result.

Featuring two English brothers, aged three and one in the clip, the younger brother, Charlie, bites the finger of his older brother, Harry.

Yet while this may seem basic videoing at its best, after uploading the clip in May 2007, the unbelievable mania surrounding the 56-second long video has almost been too big to measure.

But after only uploading the clip to show the boys' godfather in the U.S., nobody could have quite imagined the worldwide frenzy which followed.

So we continue our run through the 25 most memorable YouTube videos, remembering another clip which once again captivated a global audience.

Check out the video below:

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