FutureFive NZ - Cheat sheet: Know where you stand on Tinder food-dates


Cheat sheet: Know where you stand on Tinder food-dates

Popular takeout app Grubhub and notorious dating app Tinder have released survey results to learn more about the way singles like to dine when on those thrillingly awkward Tinder dates.

Old fashioned dating etiquette and stereotypes don’t seem to hold up with the new dating generation, as shown by the results of a poll of Tinder users.

More than 2,000 U.S Tinder users were polled on their preferences when it came to eating on dates. Users could swipe left or right, using the iconic Tinder system to answer questions which led to conclusions being drawn about the state of food-dates.

You don’t need to be shy about ordering that big plate of ribs on a first date. When asked if they prefer a hearty or a light meal on a first date, 62% of participants said they prefer to feast on something substantial. The other 38% obviously opt for a lighter meal - maybe they prefer to wait a few dates before revealing their true appetite.

Is it rude to pay individually? Will they take offense if I offer to cover their meal? These questions are answered by a surprisingly large 64% of participants saying that it’s no issue for their counterpart to forgo offering to pay. Of course, the other 36% said it would be a deal-breaker, and there would be no second date.

The third date is where people get more comfortable, as 60% of respondents say that they prefer to get a bit more casual and get something delivered.

As someone fiercely protective of their food, this came as a bit of a surprise: 69% of those polled say that if a date steals food off their plate, they’re more than happy to share. The rest said they prefer to ‘scowl,’ which is very relatable.

To chopstick, or not to chopstick? Just over half of the responses indicate that their date using a fork for sushi is ‘cringe-worthy.’ While the rest think it’s adorable, it may be best to practise the art of the chopsticks in your spare time.

"Partnering with Tinder allowed us to tap into the food-related dating preferences and practices of today's singles," says Barbara Martin Coppola, Grubhub CMO.

"We're thrilled to be part of the new dating experience and it is heartwarming to see that Grubhub can play a role in the love story of couples nationwide, as people get to know a new partner over their favourite local cuisine, from the comfort of home."

Rosette Pambakian, VP of Tinder agrees.

"Most first dates involve food, so partnering with Grubhub to learn more about how eating preferences affect compatibility was a perfect fit for us. The findings are interesting and highlight the important role food plays in dating."

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