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RISE from the drudgery of peasant life to become a great warrior. Explore new lands and become the greatest ruler the world has ever known. Sid Meier (the Godfather of video games) has returned to bring his classic game Civilization to a new generation of strategy fans. Taking control of a raceof unsophisticated  people in 4000BC you lead them through to the year 2050. Building cities, increasing your knowledge and  expanding your military power must be balanced against the need to keep your citizens happy, healthy and wealthy. Victory against rival civilisations is achieved either by being bigger or smarter than they are. Normally the controls for such strategy  games require a keyboard with dozens of complex commands, so bringing a turn-based strategy game to the  console-owning masses is not an easy task, but Sid has really struck gold with thisgame. The controls almost  seem too easy. Addictive gameplay, vastreplay value and extensive multiplayer modes make this a great choice.

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