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Classic titles on offer at MiGamZ

What are your favourite games of today, and from the past? Did you love Crash and Spyro, or were you introduced to games at an age when you went for Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto? Is there a classic title you’ve heard lots about but have never played? Or maybe a game you played when you were younger and would love to re-live, or share with your children?

The gaming world moves so fast, it’s easy to forget the titles which were truly revolutionary. Party games such as Singstar, Buzz, Guitar Hero and Rock Band were everywhere just a few years ago; now interactive toys like the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move are all the rage. 

In fact, generations in the gaming world are much faster than human ones. We are now, more than twenty years after the first gaming consoles, up to what is called the seventh generation of consoles and games. Early next year will see the release of the PlayStation Vita, a new generation of hand-held console with chat feature, front and back cameras and more.

For me it was my children that got me interested in games, and now more and more adult children are asking me to get her some of the favourite games from their childhood for their own children to play. 

MiGamZ is a business that grew out of wanting to provide my own children with an affordable gaming experience. We started out trading on Trade Me and continue to trade there as well as on our own website. Check out user name alchemical to see the positive feedback from over 13,000 individual buyers - that’s no mean feat considering the challenges of second hand products that often need to be resurfaced to ensure good playable condition. MiGamZ own a top quality Azuradisc resurfacing machine in order to give you a high quality product – with a replacement or money back guarantee on the few faulty ones that may slip through.

There are thousands of games that have been released on the various consoles. Currently you can get any of around 700 titles from the MiGamZ website, and we’ll be adding new titles every week. The best selection at the moment is in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox categories, but we will be growing the Xbox 360, PSP, PS3 and Wii stock over the coming months. Quality second hand consoles are also available, and a repair service is offered for PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. It is also simple to register for our monthly enewsletter. 

With Christmas and the holidays coming we are also offering a huge promotional discount offer – enter the code ng2011 at our checkout and we’ll give you $10 off your purchase.

Welcome to the world of MiGamZ

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