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Claw back that email with Gmail Undo Send

Gmail’s has offered an Undo feature for email since 2009. The feature has been hidden away in Gmail Labs under Settings, but now the feature is well and truly an official, permanent part of Gmail.

Regretting sending emails has been a pain point for probably everyone since the communication became mainstream. Whether sending personal emails or for business use, there are many reasons for wanting to get that email back after hitting the send button.

The feature allows people to cancel an email up to 30 seconds after pressing send. Undo Send can be enabled in the general tab of Gmail settings. For people using the Gmail Labs version, the feature will be turned on by default.

To give users enough time to undo sending an email, Gmail delays sending the message for a few seconds, according to a a Google support page. If the user doesn’t select Undo within the time limit, the message will be sent.

Google warns the Undo Send feature may not work if a user has connection issues.

How to enable the Undo Send feature: 


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