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CoD: Black Ops four-player confirmed

A co-operative mode for two to four players in the next Call Of Duty game has been revealed by developer Treyarch.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia revealed, “Beyond the single-player story, the game will have a cooperative mode for two to four players and an online multiplayer mode. As for the story, players will see it story unfold from the point of view of at least two main characters in multiple covert international conflicts.”

Speaking about the Cold War setting for the next game in the series, Lamia added, "This setting, this period, was perfect for us because it allowed us this creativity. This period hasn't really been done in games and it spans a period of time. We are not getting into the exact period of time, because it is part of our story that we are going to reveal later, but it does cover a longer period during this era."

Looks like the controversy of the series will continue as the developer goes hard  on 24-style Jack Bauer ruthless missions.

“There were these black operations, these deniable conflicts, there was unconventional warfare that occurred. Underneath the surface of this cold war, there was this hot war and it was taking place between the superpowers. This is not Russia of today, this is the Soviet Union of that period, whose leaders would say, we will bury you. But under the threat of mutually assured destruction, these conflicts never could go hot. So they put together these black operations to carry out conflicts,” Lamia added.

Full article here.

In case you missed it, you can catch the Black Ops reveal trailer here.

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