22 Jul 2015
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Connected Learning Advisory enables Maori elearning

By Catherine Knowles

The Ministry of Education’s Connected Learning Advisory, otherwise known as Te Ara Whītiki, is helping New Zealand schools and Māori communities make the most of digital technologies.

Te Ara Whītiki draws on the traditional ideas of connecting people with those who have expertise in charting, discovering and finding a pathway of learning, says the advisory.

With dedicated Māori-medium advisers, Te Ara Whītiki provides support and advice specific to kura (Māori schools) to make the most of digital technologies so they can get the best results for their students and communities.

According to the advisory, Te Ara Whītiki can help kura with everything from strategic planning to the integration of digital technologies into classroom practice, helping kura to understand:

  • What digital technologies and resources are available to support Māori learners to enhance learning and engage whānau and community
  • How to lead a kura through technological change and develop a strategy around the purpose of introducing digital devices 
  • How to set up, administer and implement cloud-based services to support modern learning practices
  • How to procure laptops, tablets, and other ICT equipment.

Te Ara Whītiki has recently provided North Island Kura Kaupapa Māori with advice and support about integrating digital technologies into their classroom practice.

“From the initial kōrero with an adviser, we identified that specific support was required around strategic planning to support the use of digital technologies, connecting to the Network for Learning (N4L) Managed Network and how to use digital technologies to support te reo Māori learning and teaching.

“The kura was provided with specific support related to their query and follow-up documentation to guide their next steps.

"They were then able to prioritise their actions of registering for the N4L Managed Network and exploring the opportunities identified through using Te Rangitukutuku (the Māori-medium e-Learning Planning Framework).

"The kura will continue to touch base with the advisory to seek further advice and support as required,” says the advisory.

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