20 Nov 2015
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Connected Learning Advisory to help teachers with tech in schools

By Shannon Williams

Kiwi educators are being urged to check out the Connected Learning Advisory, a free service for schools and kura provided unbiased advice on integrating technology with learning, in order to get the best results for their students and communities.

“Digital technologies are everywhere and they are impacting what, where, how, and why students learn, and who they learn from,” the Advisory says on its website.

The service is provided free of charge to all state and state-integrated schools in New Zealand. It is funded by the Ministry of Education and managed by CORE Education.

Educators are advised to contact the advisory for information about numerous issues, including what digital technologies and resources are available for schools, and how to best access them.

The advisory will help teachers create a plan for the effective introduction of digital technologies, ultra-fast broadband and Wi-Fi in school, or to assess current plans.

Educators can also get advice on how to engage parents and local communities using technology like social media and websites, and about making decisions about purchasing laptops, tablets, and other ICT equipment for classrooms.

The advisory also aims to help demystify technology trends such as BYOD, software management, data storage, network standards, video conferencing, ICT infrastructure, and modern learning practices using technology.

The advisory recomments schools nominate one person to contact the advisory on a school’s behalf, such as an ICT technician, or e-learning leader.

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