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Connected summer

The days grow long, the beach beckons, work fades from memory – it’s that time again. Summertime. But does getting away from it all mean leaving broadband behind?
At ConnectMe, we celebrate the meaning of always on, always connected.
Taking our cue from AA Tourism Service general manager Peter Blackwell, who has identified the Top 5 most popular holiday destinations for Kiwis, we checked out whether the most common wi-fi providers had a service in that town.
We also looked at the 3G broadband coverage that the mobile phone providers offer, based on the coverage maps on their Web sites. Please note that while 3G may be available, whether you get broadband speeds can be dependent on whether your device is 900MHz and/or 2100MHz. Vodafone’s network supports both frequencies; however Telecom’s XT Network supports 900MHz, and 2100MHz connectivity will be across XT shortly. We have not considered 2degrees, as that mobile network won’t be 3G broadband enabled until later next year.
Mt Maunganui
To most of us, it’s simply The Mount. Many happy summer memories (and quite a few that are best forgotten) have been made on its sweeping golden sands. But can you surf the Net like you surf the waves?
More crowded in January than downtown Auckland two days before Christmas, Whangamata is the summer holiday for those at home in a crowd. You’d think you could always be connected.
It’s got art, it’s got craft, it’s got hippies, it’s got hoons. According to the AA’s Peter Blackwell, Nelson’s holiday park is the busiest in the country in January. But can you call home on your Skype app via a wi-fi connection?
Just because the snow has melted doesn’t meant the fun stops in this resort town. But does Queenstown reign supreme when it comes to broadband connectivity?
It used to be a town with two pubs, a dairy and a haberdashery, but my-oh-my how times have changed. Wanaka is pumping with Kiwi holiday makers every day of the year. Can they stay connected at the lakefront?

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