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Control Center ver. 2

Manufacturer: Joytech     Distributors: All leading game stores     Type: AV Switch     Available: Out Now     www: joytech.net     Price: $180.00         

Just about everyone operates multiple TV components inside their home these days. Between a DVD player, VCR, video-game console and more, the assortment can quickly deteriorate into a tangle of cables and wires. The A/V Control Center from Joytech is a sensible way to eliminate this electronic labyrinth and create an efficient home theater environment.
The unit allows you to connect up to six A/V sources to your TV and control both the sound and picture with electronic switching and the included remote. Joytech’s Signal Regulator Technology ensures that picture and sound quality from all AV sources remain pin sharp while the simple input channel selector allows you to page through and select the AV source required.  The six outputs (5 at the back, 1 in the front) include S-video and an Ethernet RJ45 output. The backlit LCD display indicates the name of each input channel and is programmable for precise identification of sources. Say goodbye to confusing connections and organise your system with the A/V Control Center.
•    6 INPUT TO 1 output with electronic switching
•    2 Digital Optical inputs
•    2 Ethernet ports
•    6 S-Video inputs
•    6 Composite Video (gold plated)
•    6 Stereo Audio inputs (gold plated)
•    Signal Regulator Technology automatically compensates for potential signal loss
•    Programmable input channel display enabling customers to customise each input channel with a source name
•    Remote Controller with a 5 metre range
•    Solid Metal Casing for enhanced electrical interference screening
•    Included: AC Adapter, Composite Video and Stereo audio cable, SCART cable, S-Video and Stereo audio cable, Ethernet cable, User Guide

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