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Cool new features of the Samsung Galaxy S7
Mon, 30th May 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

While some consider the latest update to the Galaxy line of handsets to be minor, there are some very important changes to the latest in Samsung's flagship brand mobile phones.

Improved Battery

First of all, while the device is ever so slightly thicker than the previous model, this is done to accommodate a larger battery – a welcome addition to any device. Battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is over 17% improved over the S6, and weighs in at 3,000 mAh – enough to go all day with heavy usage. The battery is capable of charging wirelessly, but unfortunately, is non-removable

Changes to the Display

The display in this device hasn't changed in terms of resolution from the S6, but this is not a bad thing. The Super AMOLED Display boasts a 1,440 X 2,560 resolution, or 577 pixels per inch of display. However, what is different is the “always on” display feature. This means a part of the display is active at all times, and can be used to show info from the calendar, the time and date or notifications. This does have a small effect on battery life though.

Water and Dust Resistance

Another welcome return is the water and dust resistance abilities that were last seen on the Galaxy S5. Samsung have promised even greater levels of protection this time around, and the device should prove watertight to a depth of 1.5 metres for up to a half hour.

Camera Improvements

The sensor in the camera has actually reduced in size from 16MP down to 12MP, but this is far from being a bad thing. This camera produces better results, as it uses a “dual pixel” technology, usually reserved for the likes of pricey SLR Cameras. Aperture has increased from f / 1.9 up to f / 1.7. This means that more light can get into the sensor, creating superior pictures. The front camera has the same aperture, and has 5MP capability.

Android Marshmallow

The Galaxy S7 is running Android Marshmallow version 6.0.1 right out of the box, with Samsung's own Touchwiz skin over it. There are many cool apps built in, several of which are Samsung specific, like the new Game Launcher, a hub for all your mobile games.

Expandable Memory

Something missing from the last generation of handsets was the ability to expand the device's storage. The inclusion of a Micro SD slot is something everybody wanted for the new generation, and Samsung obliged. The SIM tray now doubles up, so it can accept the SD card as well. Micro SDs of up to 200GB can be used to increase your device's storage.

There are many other design changes to the Galaxy S7 phone that make it more user-friendly. Things like the Gorilla Glass 4 used front and back ensure additional protection from scrapes, while the edges now slightly curve, ensuring that the phone now sits nicely in the hand, unlike the sharp corners of the previous S6.

So while it may seem at first glance to be a minor update to the product line, it's surely an important one.