FutureFive NZ - Could controller familiarity save the day?

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Could controller familiarity save the day?

For years now the controller debate has raged on, still used as the old scape goat by your mates when you beat them on your console...

“If only we were playing with PS3 controllers…” or “If only we were playing on my 360…” and it would seem that the debate is about to reignite with the release of the next gen consoles.

Could it be that Microsoft has actually found something about the Xbox One that they haven’t had to change?

While Sony and Nintendo have gone for a design overhaul, the Xbox One controller has remained relatively unchanged.

No doubt hours of technical enhancements have been put in “under the hood” but once in your hands the controller feels like an “old friend” and suddenly navigating the unfamiliar terrain of your next gen console doesn’t seem as daunting.

With Sony incorporating the Vita into the PS4’s control methods it could be a case of familiarity that helps consumers take the plunge when decided their next console.

After being fortunate enough to hold all the current control methods available for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft I have to say I feel Microsoft have won this particular battleground.

Opinions aside, we would like to know your thoughts about controllers for next gen consoles. Do you think Sony is best? Or have Nintendo paved the way for future controllers with the WiiU? Tell us your thoughts below

David Williams

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