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Could gas-stations become a thing of the past? Kiwi EV owners prefer charging at home

A poll by Flip the Fleet, a citizen science collaboration of New Zealand electric vehicle owner, revealed that the majority of EV owners want to say goodbye to gas stations.

In a shift from a decades-old tradition of filling up at the petrol station, over 92% of electric vehicle owners now prefer to charge-up at home.

Most of the remaining 8% consider charging at home as the same amount of effort as going to a petrol station.

The poll revealed EV drivers find home charging fast, reliable, clean and that it can be easily integrated into their daily routines.

This is yet another piece of evidence significantly different from a common perception that own electric vehicles are a hassle to keep topped-up.

Respondents to the poll say, “ With a busy life we don't want detours, but you always drive home.

“The whole act of filling up is so time-consuming, getting into the car, driving to the station, filling up, paying.”

“It’s like the old days of having to go to the Post Office to make a telephone call.”

According to the poll home charging quickly becomes a habit, and refuelling an EV integrates seamlessly into daily routines.

This leaves me to wonder if I was wrong about the need for fast-charging stations set up across the country.

According to this survey, it does seem like the majority of Kiwi EV owners are over the old ways of filling up their car. 

Another respondent says, “It’s just as easy as charging my phone each night.

“It just becomes a way of life to plugin most nights.”

Apart from being more convenient, home charging also helps EV owners to significantly reduce their family’s transport costs.

Sigurd Magnusson, Flip the Fleet contributor says, “EV owners particularly enjoy not having to interrupt their drive home or make a special trip to a petrol station.

“The lack of fumes and hazardous substances makes refuelling with electricity a more pleasant experience.”

“Nor do they have to dig around for a discount voucher or credit card, home-charging means you just get one automatic bill at the end of the month.”

35% of electric vehicles being monitored by Flip the Fleet use a timer to charge between 11 pm and 7 am when the price of electricity is much lower.

Magnusson continues, “That’s also better for New Zealand, we need to reduce electricity demand in the morning and evening peak periods if we are to reduce the amount of coal and gas used to make electricity.”

Many EV owners also have solar panels at home, so home charging gives them even cheaper travel.

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