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Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

15 Sep 2008

A fun racing car game where you drive as Crash Bandicoot or another character and compete in Cups, Time Trials, Story Mode, and Instant Play.

The richest 3D kart racing experience! Speed your way through 12 thrilling tracks and multiple environments! Race and battle against zany opponents and turn them to dust with 8 devastating weapons. Tilt and twist your iPhone for truly "Nitro" driving sensations. There are 4 different race modes to choose from...-Quick Race, where you race as Crash on a random unlocked track.-Cup, where you compete in three different cups as a selected character and try to unlock new levels and characters.-Story, where you Take control of Crash and his friends and foil the evil plans of Oxide and Dr. Cortex.-Time Trial, where you race for the best time, practice, or just play for fun.There is also an interactive Tutorial which helps bring beginners up to speed on how to play.