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Cricket added to Sportshero social networking app

Sportshero is the world’s first social media platform dedicated to sports predictions, and has announced the launch of cricket on their app as their second sport available after football. Basketball, tennis and baseball are all in the works to be added to the app as well.

SportsHero is a gamified social sports prediction platform which allows users to predict sporting outcomes, interact and compete virutally and in real-time with major sports.

Their goal is to build the world’s largest sports-dedicated social network by bringing together global sports fans and helping them make solid predictions on the outcomes of contests.

Those that rank highly on the leaderboards are eligible to win prizes supplied by the brand partners of Sportshero. They can also interact with other fans on the network in a make each game more interesting and engaging.

The SportsHero app already has more than 325,000 users, with 50,000 of these being active every month.  The cricket feature covers all forms of the game, including Twenty20s, ODIs and Test matches. It has kicked off match predictions with the IPL which started on 5th April.

Dinesh Bhatia, CEO of Sportshero is delighted to bring cricket to places outside of the stadiums.

“Continuing our success around what we did with football, SportsHero looks to bring the game of cricket out of the stadium and into homes, workplaces, to the morning and evening commute, to bars,” he says.

Bhatia says their mission is to provide an outlet for passionate sports fans.

“There’s something about sports which is highly engaging - and with it, there’s something about the amount of passion and emotional investment from every sports fan. We’re building the first true social medium for these fans,” he says.

“It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in - you can connect with other likeminded people and even compete with them around match predictions. Everyone on the app is a Sports Hero.”

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