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Cyber Monday set to launch in New Zealand

22 Nov 2010

An overseas shopping phenomenon is hitting New Zealand next Monday 29th November when online baby boutique www.bellybeyond.co.nz, introduces Cyber Monday to online shoppers here.

Last year in the United States alone, a reported US$887 million was spent by consumers online during Cyber Monday, making it one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. Louisa Currie and Heidi Riley, founders of Belly Beyond, aim to initiate a new tradition for online shoppers in New Zealand and encourage consumers to shop online in the lead up to the silly season.

“It’s about taking the best things about traditional holiday shopping, being the amazing bargains and deals, and removing the worst of it” says Louisa. “So you get the great deals but without the nightmare of trying to find a car park or negotiate through the crowds of shoppers” adds Heidi.

Cyber Monday made its debut on Shop.org in 2005 and is now a regular event on shopping calendars in the United States, UK and Europe. The Auckland business women behind New Zealand’s first Cyber Monday sale are urging other independent online retailers to embrace the day and help boost sales on what has been an otherwise flat year for retailers around the country.

“The growing trend towards shopping online means small retailers can also compete against the larger ones” says Heidi. “We maintain a focus on outstanding customer service, fast delivery and the word of mouth power of social media that these sorts of sales can generate online” Louisa adds.

Belly Beyond was recently named as First Runner Up in the Top Shop Retail Excellence Awards Online Retailing category and their Facebook page, with close to 6000 fans, has become a popular online community for New Zealand mothers and mothers-to-be.