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Cyclone enabling schools to use Google as a classroom tool

Google is a tool that can inspire curiosity, innovation, boost productivity and help to build educational content for the classroom.

There are a whole host of services and devices that are affordable and expansive, helping to provide both teachers and students with the tools they need to get the most out of their learning.

Integrating Google Apps for Education suite and Chromebooks into the classroom programme can increase learning outcomes.

With a depth of expertise, Cyclone can help schools develop their digital teaching and learning strategies through Google with the Chrome Device Management Console.

As a schools provider, Cyclone offers migration services to help schools to transition to Google Apps for Education.

The Google Apps and Deployment Specialists are highly qualified, with extensive experience in Google Apps migration, implementation, training and support for education.

The team can help you in all aspects of migration - they'll be with the school as they transition and progress with Google.

To ensure school deployments are easy to set up, deploy and manage, Cyclone offers a central web-based Google Chromebook Management Console.

When a school has decided they want to use Google as a classroom tool, Cyclone will make sure the school’s devices are ready to go by offering configuration of the Google Management Console with the school’s domain.

The ‘Open the Box’ service works with each individual device in the school, updating the operating system, enrolling it in the Management Console, and associating the device with a wireless SSID. (Google White Glove Service)

Hapara is a Teacher Dashboard, allowing the teachers of New Zealand to collaborate and solve management challenges with Google Apps. Teachers can manage student data by viewing student’s files easily and tracking the history of their work as well as using a range of tools.

As a certified reseller of Hapara, Cyclone offers the complementary product to Google Apps for Education.

In order to deploy the management system, help with delivery and training for the Chrome Management Console, a Cyclone support person can come to the school. They will be in charge of analysing organisation needs and transfers of knowledge as well as deployment.

Before they arrive, the school’s device will be preconfigured with the specific settings. This way, when the support person is onsite, they can focus on deployment - connecting everyone to the wireless network - and answering any questions about Chromebook or Chrome Management Module and any general queries.

In order to find out more about anything mentioned here, email Cyclone or phone 0800 686 686 to ask for assistance or advice.