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D-Link Covr Mesh Wi-Fi System incorporates McAfee protection

20 Mar 2020

D-Link has announced that the COVR-2202 AC2200 Tri-Band Seamless Mesh Wi-Fi System is the latest addition to D-Link’s range of solutions with McAfee protection.

As more people start working from home, Wi-Fi blackspots hinder productively and limit the choice of locations in the home for use as an office space. Being able to move about your house freely, whilst still working, is one of the boons of working from home. 

Originally launched in 2018, D-Link’s COVR mesh system is designed to extend domestic Wi-Fi coverage throughout the home by relaying data between access points. The stylish-looking COVR devices (which look a bit like air fresheners), are designed to be unobtrusive and not look out-of-place in a room. 

The included McAfee Secure Home Platform is designed to provide automatic, comprehensive protection for all connected devices at the router level. With this functionality embedded in devices such as the COVR-2202, D-Link wants consumers to feel safe and protected from cyber threats. 

The Secure Home Platform uses McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence database. This features real-time, adaptable machine learning that protect users by detecting and preventing malicious connections and attacks, providing a safer online experience for consumers. 

The McAfee protection also includes McAfee LiveSafe, which allows for installations of McAfee anti-virus software on mobile devices. This provides on-the-go protection when users are away from home. 

The COVR-2202 is compatible with the D-Link Wi-Fi app, which is available for Android and Apple devices. With the app, users can monitor and network as well as check the status of client devices. 

As well as network security, the COVR system also includes parental control features. Network and Internet access can easily be completely switched off, via a mobile application. Individual devices can also be restricted or configured for scheduled network access, making “no Internet until you’ve finished your homework” easy to enforce. Additionally, advanced parental control features help ensure the safety of children by providing customisable, profile-based controls for kids’ online activities.

The COVR mesh system allows for seamless roaming. This means that you can pick up your Wi-Fi connected laptop at one end of the house and walk to the other end without disconnection, your Wi-Fi access just switches to the nearest COVR access point.  

D-Link boasts up to 560 sqm of Wi-Fi access with the 2-unit pack. Of course, this very much depends on the construction of the building and the position of the devices.
The basic kit comes with two access points, but these can be daisy-chained with additional access devices. Each device can be accessed by Wi-Fi, but can also be connected to via a wired Ethernet cable.

COVR-2202 with McAfee protection is available for purchase now from D-Link's website (RRP AU$499.95 and NZ$549.99) and all authorised D-Link distributors and resellers across Australia and New Zealand. 

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