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Deezey does it for tailor made music site

15 Apr 2013

A new music streaming site is launching in New Zealand, aiming to change the way us mere mortals experience music.

Hosting over 30 million users worldwide, including a web-based music subscription service topping 22 million available tracks, Deezer is heading to Kiwi shores with a unique point of difference.

Offering in-country editors, the website is hoping to tailor the music available to that of local tastes, through New Zealand editor Matt Coleman.

"Deezer's approach is to have local editors in each country that have relationships with the local artists and recording labels," Coleman said.

"No other streaming companies have this and, as far as I know, none plan to anytime soon."

Deezer’s mantra is essentially music discovery, helping fans rediscover the joy of listening to and sharing their favourite music, creating playlists and discovering the music they love thanks to recommendations by its music-loving editorial team worldwide.

Created by Daniel Marhely in 2007, the site rapidly secured deals with labels and copyright societies and today counts around 2,000 independent and major labels from around the world.

The site, offering free unlimited access for twelve months to Kiwis who register before June 2013, is entering new space within New Zealand according to ANZ country manager Thomas Heymann.

“Deezer is about real music usage, global community building, active interaction and meaningful connection between artists and music fans," he said.

"Our local editorial teams will be at the spearhead working closely with artists, labels, festivals, venues, media and blogs … anyone really that is serious about New Zealand music.”

With currently three million paid subscribers, the new site is expected to hold "hundreds of thousands" of Kiwi songs, rivaling that of Spotify which launched in the country in May 2012.

But Heymann remained unfazed by the competition, insisting all is still to play for within the market.

“Deezer offers a leading and truly global music service," he said.

"We’re committed to providing the best CRM and open API tools in our industry, which are entirely designed to give artists the most effective promotional support and music fans the most compelling music experience possible.

"Once they have properly experienced Deezer, people don't go back."

In New Zealand, Deezer currently offers the following stand-alone options to consumers:

• Discovery Mode (Free) – Unlimited access to music on demand as well as Deezer's themed and artist-based radio channels for 12 months.

• Free Trial (15 days) - Users have the ability to unsubscribe during the 15 days.

• Premium – Unlimited access to Deezer’s catalogue in enhanced sound quality using a computer, as well as access to exclusive content and recommendations.

• Premium+ – Unlimited access to Deezer’s catalogue in enhanced sound quality, online or offline, on multiple devices – including your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc., as well as access to exclusive content and recommendations, with no ads.

With customers now adopting music services such as Pandora and Spotify, is the shift signaling a desire to rent music rather than buy?

To read our exclusive interview with Pandora’s ANZ managing director Jane Huxley for her thoughts on the future of digital music, check out the May issue of NetGuide here – on sale May 1.

Do you prefer to rent or buy music? Tell us your thoughts below