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Dell launches learning laptop for schools

02 May 13

Dell has launched the new Latitude 3330, designed to help schools and educators teach tomorrow’s leaders.

Offering "robust computing features required to maximise learning productivity", the laptop is compatible with Dell’s existing solutions and services for education and support for personalised learning opportunities in the classroom.

The PC maker says the device integrates into a school’s existing IT infrastructure, speeding up time to classroom and saving time and money.

With a lightweight and sturdy design, Dell says the product stands up to the demands of even the youngest of students while fitting easily on classroom desks and in backpacks.

“Dell’s heritage is built on empowering our customers with user-focused devices, unbeatable back-end expertise and cost-effective, tailored solutions that empower end-users and IT administrators alike," says Kirk Schell, vice president, personal computer product group, Dell.

Schell says Dell developed the Latitude 3330 to increase student access to technology and work in as many IT environments as possible.

Fully supporting Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, and Linux Ubuntu, the device gives students the ability to produce, consume and share information, as well as leverage common learning applications and software to personalise their learning experience during the school day and at home.

Coming with a 13.3-inch anti-glare screen which minimises the scrolling required of smaller screens, other features include an HD 720 webcam,and WiDi support ii for virtual classroom collaboration.

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