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Dell's Alienware shows off innovative tech upgrades at CES 2024
Tue, 9th Jan 2024

Dell Technologies has used its platform at CES 2024 to announce ambitious and innovative upgrades to its Alienware laptop series. The Alienware portfolio, widely regarded for its high-performance output tailored to the most dedicated gamers, is set to expand its reach to a broader audience that includes casual players, professionals, and students.

Three new gaming notebooks debut under the Alienware banner: the reimagined Alienware m16 R2, the ultra-premium x16 R2, and the ultimate leader in performance, the m18 R2. In addition, Alienware has introduced two groundbreaking QD-OLED monitors, the AW3225QF and AW2725DF, extending its QD-OLED family. Pro-gaming peripherals, including an Alienware wireless keyboard and mouse, have also been unveiled following extensive collaboration with over 100 esports athletes.

In response to customer feedback desiring a powerful, portable, and discreet notebook, Alienware's skilled team has redesigned the m16 R2. The innovative laptop strikes a careful balance between performance, adaptability, and portability, pushing the boundaries of gaming hardware while keeping the distinct 'Alien' essence that customers love.

Engineers tackled the challenge of removing the thermal shelf to create a gaming laptop suitable for on-the-go gaming. Their solution was to design a notebook that increased airflow efficiency by 43%. Thanks to these efforts, the m16 R2 is smaller, more powerful and cool under pressure, even while running the latest demanding games.

The m16 R2's redesign embraced travel-friendly practicality. Reducing the depth of the laptop by removing the thermal shelf resulted in a 15% smaller gadget that easily fits into compact spaces. A key advantage of this design change is a larger palm rest and touchpad. Alienware achieved this by introducing a slim, sturdy 180-degree hinge that allowed the keyboard to be repositioned and the palm rest and touchpad expanded. To enhance the laptop's usability in dimly-lit environments, Alienware also relocated its RGB stadium loop lighting to outline the touchpad boundaries.

Alienware has introduced the Stealth Mode feature to the m16 R2 to further add to the user-friendly versatility. Inspired by customers who find lighting effects distracting in certain social environments like libraries or cafes, Stealth Mode allows the laptop to blend into its surroundings at the tap of an F2 shortcut key. Stealth Mode modifies the keyboard backlighting, turns off other AlienFX lighting zones and shifts the performance mode to Quiet, thereby reducing fan noise. A second tap of the F2 key disables Stealth Mode, signalling the m16 R2 to activate full performance mode. The powerful Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Series mobile graphics and Intel Core Ultra H Series processors ensure high-frame-rate gameplay and superior performance.

Redefining the pinnacle of premium gaming laptops, Alienware has also unveiled the x16 R2. The upgraded model retains its familiar luxe design but conceals improved performance and cooling capabilities, powered by Intel Core Ultra processor tech and Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPUs. True to Alienware's commitment to superior and future-ready gaming technology, the m18 R2, Alienware's most powerful laptop, has received formidable upgrades, promising overclocking capabilities and unrivalled thermal efficiency.

Alienware's enhancements aren't restricted to their new laptops. The entire notebook portfolio incorporates technologies like NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 AI upscaling for faster frame rates and better image quality, updated FHD webcams with HDR support, AI-powered far-field microphones, latest-gen connectivity via Wi-fi 7 and 5GHz ethernet connections, hardware-based blue-light emission reduction through ComfortView Plus, and a complimentary month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for access to a wide range of quality games.

Simultaneously, all Alienware Command Centre users will have their software updated to AWCC 6.1, offering the flexibility to control automatic features, integrate gaming platforms such as EA Play and Xbox Game Pass, and enable Stealth Mode, among other functionalities.