12 Apr 2013
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Die hard with Dark Souls 2

By Brendan Kelly

After plenty of speculation and whinging from hardcore fans the first real Dark Souls 2 information has arrived and the developers have made on thing clear – we can all prepare to die.

Although the game has been massively anticipated after its predecessor became legendary for being ultra-difficult, there has been an equal amount of worry that this sequel will be made easier, especially after early interviews claimed DS2 would be made “more accessible” to gamers.

The initial gameplay demo took place yesterday and so far the game looks great, and is every bit as dark and gritty as the original.

In an interview with Siliconera, director Yui Tanimura said the game is just as hard, if not harder than the original.

“I personally like difficult games myself, so if I had the opportunity to make a bold difference, it would have been to make the game even more difficult.

"But obviously this is a sequel to a series, so I have no intentions of turning the tables 180 degrees. So no, there is no intent by myself to make the game easier at all.”

He also got pretty philosophical about the Dark Souls mentality, which was pretty badass.

“It’s easy to kill players. It’s also easy to frustrate them. Which is why, it’s important for players to anticipate death, to understand why it happened, and to create a strategy.

"To overcome and defeat death, that is the core of Dark Souls.”

Another element that became a fan favourite with the original was the extremely understated storyline, giving players the chance to roleplay. That feature has been carried over to the new game.

“We haven’t really created any drama; we don’t have a story to tell.

"Instead we try to give the underlying setting and that’s it. We want players to roleplay and create their own story.”

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