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Documents To Go (with Exchange attachments)

"DocsToGo" is the highly anticipated mobile Office suite that lets you:• EDIT, create & view Microsoft Word documents. (Including Word 2007, 2008!)• View & synchronize Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Apple iWork & other files• Includes a desktop application (Win & Mac) with 2-way file synchronization (Wi-Fi required)MICROSOFT WORD EDITINGWorking on a proposal? A contract? A novel? Having your most important files on your iPhone gives you the freedom to review and update any of the Word documents you rely upon; anytime, anywhere. Rest assured with our “InTact Technology”, no one will ever know you didn't edit them in your desktop version of Microsoft Word!• View, edit & create Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) files• Unique InTact Technology retains original document formatting of edited files• Cut/copy/paste• Predictive text entry using iPhone keyboard• View & edit in both Portrait and Landscape mode• Character formatting: bold, italic, underline, text color & highlight• Alignment (Left, Center, Right, Justified, Distributed)• Text selection: tap & hold (free form), double tap (single word), triple tap (paragraph).• Toolbar: Tap & hold tips and swipe• Auto bullets & numbers• Multi-level zooming• Embedded graphics• Tables• Undo/Redo• Find & Replace• Word Count• Table of contents & hyperlink support• Supports password-protected Word 97-2004 documents• View comments, footnotes/endnotes & text boxesDESKTOP APPLICATION WITH 2-WAY SYNCWindows and Macintosh users can download a desktop application that provides 2-way file sync using Wi-Fi connection. Any changes made to a file, such as a Word document, will automatically be merged with the corresponding document upon synchronization.• Transfer & synchronize supported files in one easy-to-use desktop application• Supports entire folders (and sub folders) with the ability to select only the files you want to bring downALL YOUR FILES IN ONE PLACEIn addition to supporting Microsoft Word, Documents To Go incorporates Apple's built-in viewing technology to help you view the following file types on your device. That way, Documents To Go keeps all your important files in one central location.• Microsoft Excel 97-2008: xls, .xlsx• Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2008: .ppt, .pptx• Adobe Acrobat: .pdf• Apple iWork ‘08 ('05, '06 & ‘09 NOT supported)• Web pages: .html, .htm• Images: bmp, jpeg, gif, tiff, svg, png