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Don't blame technology, rape is rape
Fri, 10th Oct 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

“Rapists, not Tinder, [are] the threat to women,” Kelvin Davis, Labour’s Associate Police spokesperson, he says.

Davis says it’s important to be aware of the problems and solutions when it comes to sexual assault, instead of simply telling women to keep themselves safe as well as blaming Tinder and technology.

“Blame for rape and sexual assault should only ever be laid at the door of the perpetrator, not dating services or the actions of women themselves,” says Davis.

Instead of looking toward the victims and technology we should be looking at the perpetrators, focusing on men who have the unhealthy attitude they have the right the violate women, he says.

After all, technology didn’t invent blind dates or dangerous situations. Personal advertisements in newspapers that read along the lines of, “Man Seeks Woman: My interests include candlelit dinners and long walks in the wilderness,” existed long before Tinder was even thought of.

Furthermore, for every dating app there is a safety app counterpart. On Watch, React Mobile and StaySafe are some of the top safety apps. Watch Over Me, for iOS and Android users, ensures you make it to your destination. With the two statements, “Watch Over Me While I…” and “For…” you fill in an action, a time frame, and choose someone to notify if you don’t confirm your safety.

bSafe, also for iOS and Android users, is similar to Watch Over Me and also has an SOS button that will alert your appointed guardians should anything go wrong.

“The simple mantra is ‘her body, her rules’," says Davis.