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Dotcom ads pulled by Mediaworks

Kim Dotcom says advertisements for his new Mega file-locker service have been pulled by Mediaworks, just days before the expected launch.

Taking to Twitter to break the news, the Megaupload founder accused music labels of issuing complaints to Mediaworks about the campaign, resulting in the cancellation of over 500 ads.

"Unfortunately Mediaworks pulled the plug on our radio ad campaign :-(," Dotcom said.

"Apparently some music labels complained to Mediaworks about our radio ads.

"Booked of over 500 ad plays terminated. Wow!!

"Not blaming Mediaworks. They are a great company with great people.

"It's the music labels that are abusing their power, again."

As Mediaworks claimed "commercial reasons" for the termination, Dotcom again took to the social network site to tout new business, tweeting:

"If non-Mediaworks radio stations would like to play our ads pls contact twitter@kim.com with your terms. We'll send you the MP3's. #ASAP."

Dotcom has promised an event "like no other" for the upcoming Mega launch, scheduled to take place on January 20, marking the year anniversary since the police raid on his mansion.

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