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Dotcom closing in on NZ mansion

30 Nov 12

Kim Dotcom could soon purchase a $30 million mansion in Coatesville as extradition proceedings have forced the German-born resident to stay in New Zealand.

After failing a "good character" test by the government last year, the Megaupload founder will no longer need official consent after becoming a resident in 2010.

The complexities of his extradition case to the U.S. has meant the internet millionaire has not left the country this year, nearing him to full residency and with it, no legal obstacles to buy property.

Whether Dotcom will purchase the property is another question however, given his assets have been frozen following January's arrest on internet piracy charges.

"If you are a resident who have been resident for a fixed period of time without breaking that - I understand after 12 months of being fixed - you no longer qualify under the OIO," Maurice Williamson, Land information minister, told Stuff.

"So I think by virtue of his incarceration and his being held he will now reach an eligibility point to be able to buy as he wishes as a New Zealander."

Dotcom pledged to invest $10 million into the country and was granted a residence visa in November 2010.