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Dotcom gets set to question Key
Wed, 3rd Jul 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Kim Dotcom will get his 15 minutes in the spotlight today, when he will question Prime Minister John Key over controversial plans to expand the powers of the New Zealand spying agency.

Amid proposals to allow the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) greater powers, the Megaupload found has been vocal in his disapproval of the move following his arrest last year.

After the GCSB were found guilty of illegally spying on Dotcom, the internet mogul will meet Key for the first time today in a bid to "expose" him and the GCSB in Parliament.

"It's ON," Dotcom tweeted. "If you want to witness John Key and the #GCSB (spy agency) getting exposed join me in Parliament this Wednesday. It's a public hearing!!!"

With Dotcom's excitement reaching fever pitch, Key was quick to play down the showdown, insisting the select committee hearing that he will chair will pass without incident.

"He gets 15 minutes (before the committee) like anybody else and he's free to use that time however he wants," the PM told TV3.

But if Dotcom's recent Twitter posts are anything to go by, Key, who issued a public apology to Dotcom last year, could be in for a torrid 15 minutes.

“Mass surveillance is morally indefensible. Stop US spy subsidiaries in New Zealand. Stop the GCSB bill. Demand Independent Inquiry of #GCSB," tweeted Dotcom last week.

Dotcom also admitted that "nobody would be shocked to hear me admit that I have a problem with authority", “resists the notion that the government always acts in the best interests of its citizens.”

And finally, after what seemed like an endless wait, Dotcom can look Key straight in the eye and tell him what he thinks about him, the GCSB and the government as a whole. Should make for epic viewing.

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