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Dotcom unveils

21 Jan 2013

Kim Dotcom officially launched his new file-sharing site Mega yesterday, celebrating with a day-long party at his Coatesville mansion.

After going live at 6:48am, the exact time Dotcom's home was raided by anti-terror police last year, the new service plans to give users 50GB of space free when they sign up.

"When you try to stop progress, when you try top stop society for advancing, you will fail," Dotcom said.

“The internet belongs to no man. These attempts to rule the internet are against innovation and must stop.

"Our copyrights and access were taken from us without a trial or notice.

"Those who try to stifle technology and innovation will be left on the side of the road in innovation and history.”

“We will protect the rights of everyone – today is the anniversary of something horrible, but now it is also the anniversary of something wonderful.

“According to the United Nations, privacy is a basic human right. The government is spying on you and completely invading you basic human right.

"If I’m not doing anything illegal, why is my data being captured?

“Mega believes in your right to privacy and has developed technology that keeps your data private and safe.

"By using Mega, you say no to those who want to know everything about you. You say no to governments that want to spy on you. You say YES to internet freedom and your right to privacy.”


But despite the strong stand made by Dotcom, the internet tycoon reiterated his desire to find a "diplomatic solution" to the issues behind his extradition.

Claiming to have evidence to prove his arrest was wrong, Dotcom said:

“The wiser thing to do is to start a dialogue to solve this problem between Hollywood and the Internet. We can solve this by sitting down together.

“After this today I’m going to take myself back more, it’s not healthy, I want a good relationship with New Zealanders and I don’t want to be seen as someone who is always in the media."

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