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EA NZ comments on Left 4 Dead 2 situation

Since the Australian classifications system does not have an R18 rating for video games, many titles that have been classified as such in other countries have been refused classification in Australia. In some cases, this has prevented the distribution of certain titles in Australia

In other cases, censored versions of the game have been released in Australia with the offending characteristics removed from the game. Most notably, this occurred with Grand Theft Auto IV, where certain cut scenes and animations were removed from the version shipped to Australia. However, this had a flow-on effect to New Zealand because its distribution of Grand Theft Auto IV was tied to that of Australia. Subsequently, New Zealand received the same censored version of the game that Australia did despite the fact that New Zealand does indeed have an R18 classifications rating

Many feared that Left 4 Dead 2 might share a similar fate, and that New Zealand might see either a censored release or no release at all. Game Console contacted EA New Zealand, and a spokesperson has responded with the following comment:

"Left 4 Dead 2 is presently being reviewed by the NZ Office of Film & Literature Classification. As NZ has a R18 classification, we are confident that an uncensored version of Left 4 Dead 2 will be available to NZ consumers but obviously the final decision is in the hands of the OFLC."

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