EA officially announces new strategy studio, Victory Games

25 Feb 11

Electronic Arts has officially announced, via the Command & Conquer blog, that Victory Games will facilitate and oversee the Command & Conquer franchise. In fact, Victory Games is a studio dedicated to strategy games that may extend even beyond EA's flagship RTS.

In an interview with global Command & Conquer community manager Eric Kraus, Jon Van Caneghem, vice president of strategy games, announced the formation of the studio. "Victory Games was created to be the focal point for the creation of strategy games for the Games Label at EA," he said. "Our current focus is making a AAA Command & Conquer game, which I am very excited to be working on. I've always been a big Command & Conquer fan."

The first details of the studio leaked only days ago when a new Command & Conquer website went live prematurely and gaming site 1up was there to catch it.

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