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EA set to buy THQ?

If you aren’t a big fan of Electronic Arts and were really looking forward to some upcoming THQ titles, you might not want to read on.

According to recent tweets from Distressed Debt Investing, an investment firm relaying information about the sale of financially-shaky THQ, EA is “a potential buyer of certain titles” and “has completed site visits”.

It has also been announced that although some companies had expressed interest in purchasing THQ outright, this will not go ahead and instead its assets will be sold title-by-title on January 22.

EA, one of the least popular gaming companies on the internet for a number of reasons, joins Warner Bros., who are openly interested in buying some of THQ’s assets.

It has also long been rumoured that fellow gaming titan Ubisoft has expressed an interest in purchasing parts of THQ, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Bids on the assets are due at 9 am on January 22, with the auction itself taking place at 3 pm.

Some of the franchises that will be on the auction block include Saints Row, Metro, Company of Heroes, Homefront and the WWE and Warhammer 40,000 franchises.

It’s a big lump of games that could very well annoy fans - especially the Saints Row series, which has experienced huge popularity as a sandbox title designed to be pure fan. Speaking entirely objectively, of course.

Will it matter to you if some upcoming THQ titles are published or finished off by different hands? Keep in mind that this could well mean a different approach to DLC and updates, as well as pricing. Let us hear you opinions below.

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