16 Apr 2014
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East Cape schools now find broadband faster

Faster broadband is being delivered to twelve rural schools in the Gisborne and Wairoa area as a result of the Government’s broadband initiatives.

Amy Adams, Communications and Information Technology Minister, announced the completion today. Local communications company Gisborne Net successfully finished the installation of the point-to-point wireless, which was completed under a contract signed last year with the Government. The contract will also ensure that the service remains affordable for the schools, with maximum monthly retail prices agreed with Gisborne Net.

Under the Remote Schools Broadband Initiative, faster broadband will be delivered to 57 schools across New Zealand, including the twelve from Gisbourne and Wairoa, as they are beyond the reach of cost-effective fibre deployment. Currently 39 schools have received faster broadband under the initiative, which is providing access that is about four times faster than their previous service.

“Schools are a priority for faster broadband, because of the increasingly important role that technology plays in our children’s education,” Adams says.

“Improving broadband for remote schools will break down the barriers imposed by distance and isolation by giving better access to information, online teaching resources, and video conferencing.”

“Many of these schools have until now relied on using satellite broadband and have had to manage with small data caps and slow speeds. This project will make a tremendous difference for students and teachers at these schools.”

In addition, the new infrastructure will provide additional broadband coverage to more than 90% of over 1000 rural households in communities surrounding the schools.

Schools connected in the Gisborne and Wairoa are: Ngatapa School, Motu School, Waipiro School, Mata Road School, Waipaoa School, Whatatutu School, Rere School, Waerengi-O-Kuri School, Tiniroto School, Ruakituri School, Ohuka School, and Putere School.

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