25 Nov 2015
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Educators can create their own textbooks, thanks to Kindle

By Shannon Williams

Teachers are invited to try out Amazon’s Kindle Textbook Creator as a new resource to for engaging students. 

The Kindle Textbook Creator is part of Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing line.

Teachers are able to prepare, publish, and promote interactive textbooks and educational content in Kindle Stores, and reach millions of students worldwide using the tool.

The Textbook Creator helps teachers covert PDFs of textbooks and other education resources into Kindle books and interactive content such as audio, video and image pop-ups. Users will be able to preview to the books across all supported devices.

Teachers can then publish their books through KDP and reach millions of students globally across a wide variety of devices.

Additionally, teachers can benefit from Amazon’s marketing tools and global reach by enrolling in KDP Select to get more promotional benefits.

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