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Electrolux Mobile Kitchen

01 Nov 2011

My laptop can do a lot of things; it can play music, type documents, store files, play movies and schedule my day. It’s a pretty smart machine. It does have its limitations though, for example, my laptop can’t cook. Lucky for my laptop, the Electrolux Mobile kitchen (EMK) is being dreamed up to relieve it of this task. Thanks to the EMK, my laptop and many others of its kind will never have to learn to cook.You may be wondering what this revolutionary kitchen appliance has to do with my humble MacBook, well let me tell you. The brain child of Dragan Trenchevski, the Electrolux Mobile Kitchen is a nifty little number inspired by notebook computers to transform your cooking experience.  The Mobile Kitchen is powered by induction cooking technology and has four different sized rings to tailor the amount of power you need to the size of the pan you are cooking in.  The base of the notebook functions as the hands-on cooking station and holds the large internal battery that powers the device. This is where the induction rings reside and where you can find a cutting board and even a cheese grater for your cooking convenience. The touch screen aspect of the Mobile Kitchen flips up from the base like a regular laptop screen and provides users with the ease of being able to pull recipes up via the internet at just the touch of a finger tip. As well as providing a world of recipes at the cook’s fingertips, the screen houses a webcam device, enabling users to video call friends to help guide them through any tricky bits, or if you’re anything like me, through a particularly gruesome kitchen disaster. The fun doesn’t stop there though, with Trenchevski suggesting that the Mobile Kitchen could come in a range of different colours and styles, enabling you to mix, match and customize your own, more beautiful version.One does have to wonder about practicality though, especially about the idea of having a flash touch screen so close to pots of boiling water and pans of splattering oil, but who am I to pass judgment? At the end of the day the concept delivers what it promises, it is a kitchen, it’s mobile, and it’s pretty easy on the eye, so all in all, a pretty decent and exciting design.