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Endless Ocean – Wii

01 May 2008

Scuba diving is one of the most rewarding lifetime experiences you can have. The deep sea is truly an oyster in our world. As miniscule clown fish brush past your nose and pods of dolphins playfully flank you from behind, you’ll be amazed at the unparalleled depth that our vast oceans offer us. That is, of course, if you have opportunity to pursue this relatively exclusive activity.

For those who aren’t able to Scuba dive, for whatever reason, Endless Ocean awaits you on the Wii.

Much in the same vein as Nintendo’s own Animal Crossing, Endless Ocean is less about tangible development and more about living it real — even more so. Never has a diving simulator been so vast, with several dozen (hundreds actually!) of aquatic wildlife — from schools of butterfly fish, parrotfish and similar shrimp-sized marine life such as sea slugs and horseshoe crabs, through to much larger species including octopi, manta rays, polar bears (on land, of course), eels and even a gigantic sperm whale!

Initially, Endless Ocean does seem like less of a game and more of a chore — especially when you are tasked to preset locations to discover their hidden “treasures”. As you gain more control of your bearings and build-up an extensive log of the 214(!) fishes in the sea (snapping up some really great photos along the way), you’ll start to develop an appreciation for Endless Ocean’s simplicity. You can marvel at the life-like interactions of the myriad sea creatures all in the comfort of your home. And did I mention how gorgeous Endless Ocean looks? It may not be pushing the Wii hardware that much, but my God — the ocean truly seems endless here.

It’s not for everyone, especially those without the patience to explore the near-limitless depth that Endless Ocean has to offer. But as a piece of lightly entertaining, relaxing software, there isn’t anything quite like it. Well, apart from those virtual aquarium screensavers. But then you don’t get the stunningly rendered graphics and a dreamy musical accompaniment provided by our very own Hayley Westernra now do you?