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Epic warns of Gears 3 leaks

06 May 10

Developer says to not trust badly translated Russian scans of Gears Of War 3: "It's nothing like Waterworld."

Following the explosion of information from a Russian gaming mag all over the internet, Epic has moved quickly to pour cold water on the translated previews that followed.

“Please don't trust badly translated leaked scanned info on Gears 3. Lots of false info out there,” Tweeted game designer Cliff Bleszinski.

Anyway, according to the reports of badly translated Russian words, the final part of the trilogy takes place 18 months after Gears 2. The human government has collapsed and what’s left of us has gone to live on the sea. One such watery area is said to be called Raven's Nest. It’s got mechs in it and the overall difficulty is said to be toned down as most people who bought Gears 2 didn’t finish it (not us though).

To sites that suggest it’s going to be something like Waterworld, Cliffy B replied, “Gears 3 is nothing like Waterworld, my friends, you're doing it wrong. The Raven's Nest is only one level.”

Let us know if you are fluent and have a degree in speaking Russian. Or are Russian who speaks good English.

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