19 Oct 2011
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Epson launches 3D projector range

By Sean Mitchell

Epson has launched its 3D projector range, admitting it is not the first to hit the market with the technology but promising to be the best.


Launching the projectors at an event in Auckland, Epson Australia business marketing manager – projectors, Brad Darch, says the company has been waiting for the technology to mature.


Figures showing a dramatic increase in the amount of content being produced in 3D suggest that time has come.


"We may not be the first with 3D,” Darch says, "but we are the best.”


Darch says upgrading the projectors’ shutter systems from 240Hz to 480Hz was the key factor in making the technology viable in the home.


The top-level model, the EH-TW8000, even converts 2D content to 3D, by judging whether objects in shot are in the foreground, midground or background, then adding a parallax image an appropriate distance away.


The lower models also boast some cool additions, such as the EH-TW6000W, which comes with a wireless transmitter to spare the user the trouble of connecting the projector to their viewing platforms.


Then there’s the MG-850HD, which doesn’t have 3D but does include a built-in dock for iPods, iPhones and iPads, allowing users to play content straight from these devices.


The MG-850HD, the EH-TW6000W and the basic EH-TW5900 all come with two 10-Watt speakers built in, reducing the need for additional componentry.


The MG-850HD will retail in New Zealand for $1699, the EH-TW5900 for $2999 and the EH-TW6000W for $3799, including two pairs of 3D glasses valued at $149 each. 


All three will be available in coming weeks, while the as-yet unpriced EH-TW8000 will be arriving in December.

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