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ESET and Facebook team up to bolster security

ESET has joined Facebook's anti-malware initiative to provide all Facebook users with the ESET Online Scanner for free.

Should a user log into an infected computer after malware was posted to their Facebook account, the ESET solution will help them to scan, identify and remove the malware safely.

“Our goal is to offer our users the right technology to improve their experience of our services and better protect their devices," says Chetan Gowda, Facebook software engineer.

"ESET Online Scanner for Facebook will significantly decrease the number of malicious links from among the trillions of clicks that take place every day on Facebook,” Gowda says.

When a user logs into their account, Facebook will check for suspicious behaviour, for instance if the account is sending spam messages or infected links to friends.

If malicious activity is detected, Facebook displays a message offering to run ESET Online Scanner within Facebook without a fee or interruption.

Should the user accept, they can still continue to use Facebook and other services without loss of performance. Once the scan is complete, they will be able to review the results and if malware is discovered cleanup will begin.

Based on the already free product, ESET Online Scanner protects millions of online users.

“ESET is pleased to offer its services to Facebook users all over the world. Signature low system footprint and ESET’s top rated detection technology used in ESET Online Scanner guarantee effective and easy detection for free,” says Ignacio Sbampato, ESET, chief sales and marketing officer.

To find out more, visit the Eset website.