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Ever wanted to hire a robotic teacher? Soon you’ll be able to

At CES 2018, OVO Technology demonstrated their latest project, Danovo. 

Danovo, an egg-shaped robot standing at roughly 0.88 meters high and weighing fifty pounds, is designed as an empathetic helper that makes learning fun for kids at preschools or at home.

Equipped with navigation technology and strategic path planning, Danovo moves around people and interacts just like all house pets, it avoids a collision and uses body language to enhance interaction. 

Danovo can follow the leader, play hide-and-seek, and even trigger a leash-mode to constrain itself within a certain area.

Danovo can project high definition images onto the ground by sliding out the top part of its body. 

Built-in motion sensors provide lively interaction and the same types of games we often see in amusement parks. 

Danovo is much more dynamic, it goes beyond a mere game provider to becoming an intelligent participant.

The robot can also answer questions, tell stories and tells jokes. 

Danovo’s storehouse of 100 unique faces correlates to customisable and unpredictable interaction modes.

OVO Technology founder Jeff Mei says, “When we talk about service robots, we need to build personality and emotional connection into it.”

“Danovo also features systematic educational programs, we are working together with top preschools to build better programs that can benefit more kids.”

“Several well-known tech museums have ordered Danovo to demonstrate up-to-date technology trends, the institutional version will be announced for public order in June during CES Asia 2018 in Shanghai, China.”

Besides the institutional version, OVO also plans to launch a family version by the end of this year.

Danovo overview: 

  • Ability to sense and move around people and objects.
  • An elegant design for interacting through projections.
  • A full AI personality.

You can check out Danovo here:

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