Everybody’s Golf

01 Sep 05

Most people find golf games a little boring, so why would you want to go out and buy a golf game? Well, Everybody’s Golf is different to most other golf games out there, as it actually makes golf great fun and as the title suggests - is for everyone. For a start, there are no complicated rules on how to hit the ball, no mucking around selecting clubs and the game is very easy to pick-up and play whether you’ve set foot on a golf green or not.

Timing is really the only key as the simple power bar requires two button presses (one to show the strength you want to hit the ball with, the other being how well you hit the ball) and with practice, you’ll soon feel that rush of excitement as your ball rockets across hills and between trees in your bid to meet par. Should you need them, there are professional statistics as well. You can throw grass into the air to see which way the wind is blowing, you can see the layout of the land, and you can even see which way the land is sloping for precise swings or putts.

Everybody’s Golf is a massive game, due to the fact that there are so many modes of play. For a start, there is an eighteen hole mini golf course - all varying in length and difficulty and great fun to play. There are three lessons to get you used to the basics of the game. There is the standard stroke play, where you attempt to get the lowest number of strokes at the end of eighteen holes. There is match play, where you try and win as many of the eighteen holes as you can against a friend, or against the computer. There is practice mode, where you can go to the driving range to practice your swings, or to any of the eighteen holes on the first course. The graphics in Everybody’s Golf are good, yet look totally different from any other golf game on the PlayStation.

This game definitely goes for the unrealistic approach to golf, and succeeds. The characters in the game look more like cartoon/anime characters than professional golfers, with big and bold trees that look more like Christmas trees than the normal strict and proud looking trees you would expect to find in a normal golfing game. But all of the things I have just mentioned are good points about the game. Everybody’s Golf doesn’t try to look professional in anyway, it tries to look fun and succeeds. Hidden characters and the secret Mystery Mode are also there to add extra last ability and overall, Everybody’s Golf is a fun and entertaining golf game.

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